As rounds of snow continue to hit the East Coast, I'm missing my mum's beautiful house and it's cozy views on the storm.

 A gingerbread house, gift from a Woodstock friend.

 Neighbors' houses through a lacework of snowy trees.
 The woods out of which deer emerge at intervals, picking their way on dainty ballerina feet.

I was wearing my mum's fishing waders out in the snow, since I hadn't had room to pack snowboots, and we had to chip the ice off of the felt soles every day when I came in from the snow!


Yoli said...

Your Mom's house is absolutely beautiful. I like the colors with the red wood and the skull. Of course Q's happy little face with the gingerbread house.

I love your header but I wish it had a larger picture of Q.

Esther (Oefshop) said...

Oh ! I love this gingerbread house !