Making merry out of doors after the snowstorm in Woodstock.
 Daddy braving the frigid Eastern powder snow to make snow angels for his little Q.

 A Q-vs-LaoLao snowball fight, with Emma that Aussie in the middle. Q may be little, but she has a deadly aim and pitcher's arm!

 My husband (who was inside starting a soup stock) shot these photos out the kitchen window while I was photographing the winter scenery.


kenza said...

Hello! I love your posts from upstate NY. Reminded me how fridge it was when I was an undergrad up there some twenty hum... years ago!
Your previous post drew tears into my eyes. I understand what you mean.
I am certain you are precious to her as much as she is to you. And that is what makes life such a wonder! The human capacity to love is amazing.
Thank you sweet Maia for sharing such words.

Yoli said...

These images scream fun!