Q in snowy Woodstock with her LaoLao

Hello from snow upstate New York! We woke up this morning in the midst of a storm predicted to dump 19" of snow on our region! The dim-lit morning world outside my mother's windows is already swathed down to the smallest twig in a fairytale blanket of fine powder snow. There is maple syrup on the table and coffee brewing in the press. We are currently digging in for a cozy, snowy day, after a party among old friends last night and a day at the contemporary art museum in Beacon the day before. my surprise I've just discovered that Q has been nominated as a finalist for the Babiekins magazine cover contest! You can vote for her

You're allowed to vote until February 1, so go on over and make a little girl excited! OK...actually she's much more excited about a snowstorm and a grandmother and the Wizard of Oz right now. But you know what I mean ;)

If you don't know Babiekins, it's worth a look: and the blog:

I'm trying to import one of their lovely buttons, but the html isn't working for me, so you'll just have to click the plain ol' link and take a gander. It's packed with yumminess!

If we're lucky, we will be taking the train down the gorgeous Hudson valley to NYC tomorrow. See you on the other side of the storm! ox


Daan said...

Offcourse I voted for Q!!


pve design said...

We are headed up for the weekend~ to enjoy all the snow. Safe travels and happy times for you and Q-
in 2011.

Yoli said...


Yanyan said...

Enjoy the trip! Voted for our Qiu qiu!!!

likeschocolate said...

I hope she wins. She is so darling!

Amanda said...

i voted for your precious little girl --- good luck to Q!

(and thanks for your comment at my blog ;-)

susanna said...

I just voted for Q, Maia! Now where can I vote for YOU to be the photographer?

Knoopjes said...

Voted for Q! Now busy keeping my fingers crossed for her!

Enjoy your trip!

Fei An said...

Yes, I voted for QQ as well. Enjoy your trip:)

riye said...

I voted for Q. :-) I only recently stumbled upon your blog and really enjoy it. Q reminds me of my adopted calabash niece who also had a rough start with life.