Watching the Big Air demos in downtown Denver last week.

 Silly girl.
And eating sawgrass at a Pho shop in Capitol Hill afterward.

ps - we have gone from 65 and sunny to a high of 1 degree farenheit today (!!) with a layer of snow and ice that is keeping us indoors today. Sigh! Cabin fever will set in quickly...but then, one can hardly complain, having had such a lovely winter so far!


Fei An said...

Happy Chinese New Year, dear QQ and Maia:)

Daan said...

Look at that sweet little face!

and brrr, hats and gloves, we've had it with the cold and love to see and feel some sun!


S. Whitehead said...

The first picture stopped me in my tracks. It was like a peek at Q when she is much older. Love those little glimpses into the future, then getting right back to enjoying them being little right now.