This morning was daddy's morning to himself, and so, it being a bit chillier out than it has been during our balmy "false spring", Q and I decided to hit up the Denver MCA again.
 Oh, what a hit the paper flowers have been!

The silliness doesn't end. 
 We just get goofier as the day goes on.
 Q and her BFF Keroppi...Or is this "Other Keroppi"? I can't tell from this distance. One of them has a bandaid on the bellybutton that has mostly worn off. The original Keroppi tends to get more Q privileges than "Other Keroppi", but you never know. She does sometimes make an effort to be equal-opportunity. And both of them are required to be present at bedtime.
 In the cutting room. She loves to cut.
 Oh, how she loves to cut. Daddy doesn't like her to have real scissors at home, so she goes to town when she gets her hands on them at the museum.
 Carefully arranging the petals of a paper flower.

 I love her face when she's concentrating on work...the shape of the eyes and the lower lip... the intense focus. I can't get enough of it. I actually took close to forty of these pictures, but I'll spare you ;)
 Well, I'll spare you a little.
 A black heart.
 The dress and coat, btw, are by the fabulously-talented Jane of Anais & I. Her spring/summer just out and I can tell you it's gorgeous!! Look it up on facebook for a sneak peek.
Sunning ourselves in the roof garden.
And then, because it's our girls' day routine, to the icecream shop for a snack.


thatgirlblogs said...

Haven't bern here in tooooo long, she is all grown up, Sweet little QQ!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Good to see you here again! She IS all grown up, isn't she? It's kind of amazing.

Fei An said...

I enjoy so much every time your trip to MCA. Beautiful sunshine! I love her attention when making flowers:)
You look great, dear Maia!

Natalie Thiele said...

Underneath all that black and white chicness- PINK sox!
Unbelievable fine motor skills, Q can cut!
Love that yellow glider!
What a day!

kitchu said...

i too love the face of concentration when E is involved in her artwork-

a wonderful mom and Q day :) love that flower umbrella!

Annie said...

what a beautifully cute post this is!

nath said...

I could steal a chair or two in that museum ;))

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Me too, Nath ;)

Pretty Mommy said...

I love a girl's day at the museum - those paper flowers are so, so lovely!!

Merisi said...

What a gorgeous place for children!
(I confess I always felt like a child myself in places like that with my kids.)

Taking 40 pictures is quite the way to go. And one has to take the pictures while they are still willing to pose or let themselves be photographed.

Yoli said...

Maia you both look so beautiful with your flower umbrella. Q gets lovelier with each passing day.

ChantaleP said...

I love it when she's smelling the flower.. hehe. Too cute! I also love that she does not discriminate between the Kiroppis.. What a sweetheart dressed to the nines!

Amélie said...

The MCA posts are very inspiring. I'll never have too much of these paper flowers. Thank you for sharing these precious moments.