It has been very summerlike here of late...more like June than February. The interesting part is that there's still snow on the ground, so it looks a bit incongruous.
 But Q and I have been taking advantage of the weather to hit as many playgrounds as possible this week.
 btw, I have to address the elephant in the room and say that she's killing me with this gigantic bow that she's wearing everywhere right now. She usually loathes hair accessories, and I can't get her to wear so much as a clip or tie in her hair. But she found this bow on a St. Paddy's Day display the other day, and for some curious reason she just adores it.

 Greeting a miniature husky. Who knew there was such a thing as a miniature husky?
 I mean, does this bow not kill you??
 Seriously, she is such a ham sometimes.

 This is not a pose, however. She's indicating that she wants to go climb the giant butterfly...
 This is the giant butterfly. She is quite the natural climber, our three-year-old. Climbing classes at the rec center don't take kids this young, and it's too bad, because she's just a ringer at it. But as my husband pointed out, it's not like you want them running off to scale a wall every time you're not looking, not at this age!
 A big thumbs-up at the top.

 Isn't it odd, this much snow on the ground, and bare feet? But it really is that warm out!

 She's so graceful, I just love to watch her move.

And here's the cake-topper: building snowmen in a tank dress and sandals. In February. 
Only in Colorado!


Yoli said...

This is a masterpiece. Seriously you have outdone yourself. Gorgeous.

alliot / iza said...

WOW! I adore such an "odd" combination of sleeveless and bare feet v.s. the snow. It's surreal!
Q has a wonderful figure, slim but with muscles.
Extremely beautiful body form.
The 4th one of the last set with the grey & white background is my favorite ... the tension of her body stretching over 2 stones ... so exquisite!
Love her sleeveless T with silver legging, shocking pink with bold green ... Q is a natural born stylist!!! If not, she has the MAGIC to carry out the characters of the outfits :)

Yanyan said...

Oh Q, what should I say? You are just too COOL!!

lightning in a bottle said...

the picture of Q on top, after scaling the butterfly, is very cute.

Merisi said...

That last picture truly is THE TOPPER,
but the whole photo-story is priceless!

Our youngest scared more than a few times neighbors and/or their visitors, when they walked or drove by and spotted her, literally hanging in one of our cherry trees. She moved like a monkey, arms outstretched, swinging up and down the branches.

kenza said...

Oh the bow! the grace! the snow! I love it all! Thank you Maia for sharing such beauty!

Evelyne said...

Incroyable ces photos de Q dans la neige et en petite tenue d'été !
Elle est volontaire et intrépide ta fille, pas facile de la suivre !

Natalie Thiele said...

I am insane about the green bow! Love the great outfit with silver pants, grey dress with white cord running through it, and that fabulous green bow!
It looks as though Q grew a foot in the last week. She is so long!

Melissa Taylor said...

Yes, I'm also here in Colorado and the weather still amazes me!

Bianca said...

that is the outfit and attitude of a true rockstar. love it!

kitchu said...

only Q could pull off such a bow. she is of another world, and how lucky we are that she brings pieces of it to us.

Storytime said...

The green bow is great. Q has such a great taste...or it could be that she just makes everything look so good!!!

Monica said...

Arkansas has highly similar weather. We had snow for 3 days, and then within a day or 2, it was in the 70's. Kinda crazy.