While in Woodstock, as you can imagine, what with all the creative influences and museum forays, Q had some creative urges herself. What with the cold weather, we decided to head out and stock up on some supplies at the art store.
Of course, being what it is, Woodstock has a terrific art supply store  worthy of much browsing.

After that, we hit Tinker Toys, because we always do, and because...well, personally, I'm addicted. I'm not sure which one of us gets more excited for Tinker Toys, me or Q.
The owner finds the most amazing and unique things. Do you love that acrobat set in the window?
And the pigs...the pigs! I wanted all of them.
These are created by furniture designer Harry Allen for his Reality line, and I'm crazy about them.
I can spend hours poring over the new toys every time we visit, but the real draw is the amazing collections behind the counter.
Gorgeous mushrooms at the natural food store on the way home.
As you can see, one of the Reality pigs came home with me - a gift for a friend who was coming to dinner that night. No, I still don't have one of my own ;)
Q made much use of the art supplies that we found for her, including these soy "rock" crayons, which I love.
I never get tired of watching her creative process. She's so focused, and knows exactly how she wants things done.
One of her collages.
Perusing LaoLao's piano music.
More collages drying in the sun.
Of course no evening is complete without being soundly tickled by daddy.


alliot / iza said...

Dear Maia and Q,
Wish you and family a prosperous year of rabbit.

Yoli said...

How beautiful she is! Love her in black! Wishing you a Happy New Year of the Rabbit. It is still not here for us but it is already here for our beloved people in China.

Yanyan said...

How fun! Happy Chinese New Year!!

FDChief said...

What IS it about tickling? Both our little peeps love getting tickled. It drove me crazy, even as a kid, but looks like my anti-ticlke genes didn't get passed on...

lightning in a bottle said...

gung hai fat choi!

wanted to wish you, your husband and especially little QQ a happy new year! wishing you all the best in the year of the rabbit :)

ChantaleP said...

Oh I love her collages! That toy store is a place I would love to visit with my girl... my goodness so much goodness. I also love those photos with her Papa, so sweet.

Happy New Year to you and your family!!

kenza said...

Oh this is fabulous! I love to come and visit you! Happy Year of the Rabbit!

kitchu said...

i would have been hard pressed to have walked out of that tinker toy shop empty handed... how magical! and those soy rock crayons are awesome, i will have to find some on-line for ellis!