So, we went to the opening of new exhibitions at MCA (Denver's wonderful contemporary art often do I mention how much I adore this place?) on a recent night.
 We don't usually go to the openings, because it's so nice to go on a quiet weekday when it feels like we have the whole place to ourselves. BUT, this time we knew that there would be a paper flower cutting room, and a photo booth installation to go with it, so we figured we couldn't miss it.
 Q and daddy had a great time making flowers, although we somehow missed the part about tying a secret message inside...which is sort of the best part, so next time we'll be sure to do it right.
 Though it was crowded, this event was made for photos, and we did the best we could.
 Q with the creator of the photobooth installation, who was awfully nice.
 Showing off our creations. Can you believe how tall Q is these days? When you look at this photo, please realize that I myself am almost six feet tall.
This is no ordinary toddler!
 Q hard at work.

 Event the hors d'oeuvres were artful...have I mentioned how much I love this place? Abstract cookies.
 The night was too short, but we will be back for more paper flower-making soon!


Yanyan said...

What a wonderful night! I like your museum! The one here in San Diego/La Jolla doesn't allow any photography! So not cool! Q is so tall, those long legs!! Have a good night!

Jg. for FatScribe said...

you guys all look so terrific. what a great night out!

Natalie Thiele said...

Wow, Q does look tall, all of a sudden!
What a wonderful show, photo booths and flower walls, looks like a great musuem.