Well, Q's surgery is at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so yesterday we decided to soak up as much sun and fresh air and wilderness as we could in preparation for a few weeks of lockdown.
 We headed up to St. Mary's glacier on an unusually hot August day to escape the Denver heat.

 Mike decided to toss poor Frank in the chilly glacial runoff.

 There's  nothing quite as delicious as being high in the mountains on a hot summer's day.

 Snowboarders descending from the glacier.
 Q collecting wildflowers.

 Topping out at the glacial lake.

 It takes a strong man to drink from a pink canteen.

 Tossing balls for Mathilda, who doesn't mind braving the icy water.

 Q doing a little meditation in the shade ;)


Yoli said...

Enchanting images Maia. I hope tomorrow passes by quickly for you guys. That your beautiful resilient little girl sails through it. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive vibes your way.

Yanyan said...

Breathtaking images. Must be a wonderful day trip. All the best tomorrow. Will be thinking of you guys. Hugs to all. Yanyan

liza said...

So pretty. No, there's nothing like the high country on a hot day! I've not been to St. Mary's yet.
I hope tomorrow goes so well. I'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending positive thoughts your way as well, be brave,, she's a strong, beautiful child and you're a good mum,, this time tomorrow it will be all over.

kenza said...

Thinking of you all. You have my prayers and best wishes. Many kisses to sweet Q.

Di said...

It looks idyllic. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow. I hope that Q does well.

christina said...

I send you and your little girl the best wishes and positive vibrations! All the best from piping hot Munich! Christina

Tamara said...

You guys are way better parents than I at chronicling the nice life moments than I am. I am almost always in the clouds or my head and I never remember the camera!

All my best with the surgery for the three of you. Is this her last I hope?

Kenza said...

What an amazingly beautiful place to get ready for today!.... I've een thinking about Q all day, I hope she's fine. I'm sending tons of positive thoughts, and smiles from my own little girl!

Handwoven Dreams said...

Praying for each of you and your sweet girl!