(This may become my new motto)
 The "marvelous mud" exhibit at the Denver art museum...it doesn't get any better than this.

 Just look at the eye contact. Look at the directness of her gaze. This is why she is irresistible to nearly everyone she meets. It's that magnetic gaze.
 While playing around at the hand-scultping table, she met another girl (much older) adopted from China. They were bonded almost immediately. This does not happen with every adopted child, mind you, nor does it happen with every Asian child, but these two really meshed.
 So sweet.

 I love how solicitous the older girl is of Q. If she had a wing, she would have literally taken the Q under it. Her grandmother (who had brought her) felt that she was being bossy, but I know better. No one can out-boss the Q. This was genuine solicitude.
 Q listening closely to directions.
 As you can see, she really took to pottery.

 Are those not just the most graceful hands?
 Instructor helps her lift and narrow the walls of her pot.
 Really, there are few things more satisfying than getting dirty for a constructive cause.
 After clay session, mommy and Q trying on period pieces in the old West dress-up room.
Q loves her some art museum.


Di said...

She show such patience! I am sure that she is going to be great at whatever she decides to focus on in life!

kenza said...

Oh! mesmerizing little girl!

johnny said...

she looks so satisfied! I love this post. Makes me want to do clay with the kids.

Yoli said...

I love the older girl's hand on Q's back. Her hands are lovely and that is a beautiful picture of her hands at the wheel. I would love to see that as part of your headder!

ChantaleP said...

Aw, it looks like she took Q under her wing, like a big sister. So adorable! What a fun way to spend the day too!

Cara said...

Love those graceful hands. Such a beautiful photo of the light reflecting off them.

FDChief said...

Pottery? That's one awesome art museum! Ours just has old pictures an' stuff. Wow! Cool!

You guys have the MOST fun...

jane said...

This was the sweetest. My god q is getting big! I'm still smiling...
Big hugs!