Day 4 after surgery: 
Much less swelling in the face (though still some). 
Feeling much more like herself.
 Smelling (and eating) chocolate mint from our garden. is good.


Ling said...

little Q's spirit is unbreakable! happy to hear that she's doing much better :)

Knoopjes said...

Good to see Q coming back to her own self after the big surgery!
Hope you are ALL doing fine. It must be a big emotional drain to you as parents to see your little one go to all this pain.
Hugs from Holland!

Isavoyage said...

So happy to read that Q is doing so well after her surgery.
Hugs from Isa & the Rabbit from Nantes ;)

Anonymous said...

All my love to you, QQ!! Hope you will fully recover very very soon!! xoxo, April

....... said...

how nice to read all these new news!
and lovely pics!
with all the love and care she has no doubt her recovery is quick and successful!
a little gift for Q was sent from las pampas....late but safe! o "tarde pero seguro"

a big huge!


Yoli said...

Oh dear, how disarmingly BEAUTIFUL!!!