This keroppi diorama was inspired by the new keroppi sent to Q by Di.
 Many thanks Di! As you can see, it was a big hit ;)
 I love this picture.
 These were taken just before the surgery, as you can see by the face.

 This was day two after surgery, her most difficult day. She was not feeling at all well, and was occupying herself with a little light cup stacking.
 Day three, and she's a whole new person. Opening birthday presents with Grandma.
 And cracking open geodes that were a part of my post-surgery gift arsenal for her.
 Let's just say the geodes were a big hit and I have a feeling there will be a lot more geodes in our future.
 Little geologist at work.
At the playground. Pretty much, after our last surgery, I realized that I was never going to keep her still, stop her from running, jumping and tumbling. So this time I didn't even try. It is a little hair-raising to watch her going full-tilt with the tubes and stitches still in her nose and in her throat, but...what can you do. This is who she is. 
And I have to say, her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. These last photos are from yesterday afternoon, and today she looks even ten times better. Most of the swelling is gone and her episodes of pain are growing shorter by the day. She is such a trooper. 
As for her voice - we really didn't know what to expect. We have heard such varying stories about how soon children learn to start using the new configuration in their mouth to form sounds. But we have been absolutely amazed. Even now, before the surgery has healed, she is flexing her new voice and pronouncing new words every day. It's very exciting. This is one of those times when you just have to shake your head in wonder at medical science. Our surgeon is kind of a genius. 
Oh, and did I mention? No breathing problems. 
Oh, and I cannot say enough by way of THANKS to all the wonderful people who have sent cards, paintings, drawings, gifts and letters to our beloved Q. They have been pouring through the mail slot on a daily basis. We are just overwhelmed by the love, thought and creativity that has come our way. 
I have thanks to send to John L (whose box of treasures from the Oregon coast was just amazing!), Colleen G who sent pirate ships and butterfly stickers, Elsa who sent the most exquisite paintings of flower beds and paper boats from Lausane, Nicole and Emerson who sent those beautiful flowers, Michele B, whose clothes are as always just exquisite, and YanYan who has started our fall wardrobe off on a very chic note, Sarah in Northern CA who sent beautiful sea dragons, Lorraine and Piper, Poppy, Alex and Izzie  our cousins who sent many pictures of London, Jannie and Ava in San Francisco who sent pressed flowers, Michele, Chuck, Ben and Jenna, Diane, and so very many more that I can never hope to catch up on our thank-yous!!


Fei An said...

Dear Mia and Q, I am so happy that Q is recovering well. She is just a kid of Miracle. I am so touched by all those soft and loving hearts in this beautiful world. Every word and picture is just truly inspiration. Q brings much more to us than you can think, dear Mia! My best wishes to you and your family.

Di said...

I am so glad that Q is feeling better, long may it continue....and that the little Kerropi arrived safely! It seemed like fate when I saw him in the basket at TK Maxx....the only one too!