I'm so amazed and touched today...Q's cards started trickling in yesterday, and today there was a veritable avalanche in the mailbox!
I have been letting her open them, because the anticipation is too much for a three-year-old. Besides which, she is already experiencing the emotional stresses of knowing her surgery has only been delayed, and will be coming up quickly. This helps her to keep the excitement and joy on top.

For all those lovely people who have been asking after her, her surgery is now rescheduled for Aug. not far off. We will be keeping her as healthy as possible and hoping this will be the best date for her!

What amazes me the most about the cards and letters that have been slipping through our mail slot is the creativity. The art created by the children of some of our blog readers is just stunning, gorgeous, overflowing with style and creativity. You can see some of it here and I will be posting more photos. We will also be making some sort of wall collage for Q to look at as she recovers. 
Today, I want to thank Melissa and Gaia Miette in San Fran (hope to fly kites with you soon!), Johnny C in NYC, the very talented Sam, Maura and Molly Morden (just WOW!), Hadley, Kate & Lina (the postcard from Hogwarts? HUGE hit! What good fortune!), Isabelle in Nantes (and her adorable rabbit), Salome, Cael & Paloma in Key Largo (Pirates are always welcomed here!), Yanyan, Nea and Landon on the West Coast (the red deer is installed by Q's pillow), and last but not least, the amazingly talented Isabella Q. Pettus, who will surely be a famous artist.


Di said...

I will pop mine in the post soon. That way it should arrive just before the next date. All these cards are cute!

Dianne said...

The girls were thrilled to see that the Hogwart's owls did their job! Thanks for sharing your card collection on your blog. Kate is a surgery veteran, but we've had a delay once too and it is no fun to wait longer. Good wishes to all of you.

alliot + iza said...

I'm so sorry to stay away from the blogs for a while and just learnt that sweet brave Q is going to have the surgery. I can feel the gravity.
I wish everything fine with Q. And hugs to you all!!

Yoli said...

I am glad she enjoyed it and that Pirates are always welcomed there! We are thinking of your little one and hoping for a smooth operation and a quick recovery.

Isavoyage said...

A little hello from a French Rabbit!
;) Glad you liked it..