Q's world.
 This is Q's room...not often seen because it is not often presentable.
 Initially, she was not often in it, either.
Q is an active child, dedicated to her various and sundry sports.
I'd also venture to guess that spending the first year of her life confined to a single crib in a single room among numerous similarly-confined infants may have contributed to her reluctance to do more than sleep in her bedroom once she came home with us.
 But lately, as her imagination expands, she has begun to indulge in extensive bouts of imaginary play...
 and as she does so, her room has begun to expand along with her imagination.
At naptime or at bedtime, while resisting sleep, she can spend hours playing in her play kitchen, playing her guitar on "stage", or reading to herself or her "friends" (read: Keroppi, Hello Kitty, Giraffe, and/or various balloons). 
As this happens, we've made a concerted effort to make her room more user-friendly and more comfortable. 
These days, I take a pleasure in peeking into her room that I can directly attribute to the imaginary adventures that play out therein, with greater and greater frequency as time goes on.


Duchess of Lanier said...

isn't this age sweet?!
LL has quite the imagination, too.
bet they could cook up quite a lot of fun together.

Yoli said...

A very cool room for a very cool and imaginative little girl. It is so much her, kudos for to a sensitive Mom.

rosanguyen said...

" Initially, she was not often in it, either."
HAHAHAHAHAHA AWWWW I love how you just created such a realm for her to play in! I would love seeing her grow up!

kenza said...

Seems like a dream!

Fei An said...

She even can read now, wow!!! That is early.
Have send you an email, Maia:)
Oh, yes, look like a dream land for me as well..

Croatian_Latina said...

If only we lived in Colorado, I think our daughters would be good friends.

My little one is also fun of energy and resists 'nap time' but I'm now calling it 'quiet time'.