Got off track there for a bit...but back to the botanic gardens...
 When some weather blew in, we all headed into the Logan's Run-style dome to look at the orchids.
 The weather is very nice in there, thank you!
 The girls searching (in vain) for frogs in the indoor lily pond.
 Don't Maisie and her friend look like little flower fairies?

 This being Colorado, it wasn't long before the little storm blew out onto the plains, and we were left with another gorgeous afternoon.
 We all got lunch and sprawled out onto the concert lawns to enjoy the sun.
 Q is a big fan of the Henry Moore statues.

 Willa, the youngest, playing on her own.

 Our last stop was, as usual, the Japanese gardens....stunning in pretty much any light or season.


Theresa said...

Great shot of your girl crouching down. :)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Thanks Theresa, I like that one too. She was actually crouching to spring in that photo. Little athlete that she is in any and all situations, she found an overhanging palm frond that she was determined to reach through sheer vertical propulsion. Working on her basketball "vertical" most likely.

Yanyan said...

What a lovely day! And wonderful pictures! Q looks fab in the outfits!