The morning before our friends arrived, Q and I made a cake.
 We had so much fun with our halloween ghost cake that we've decided to make as many cakes as possible when the occasion allows.
 Q's friends Maisie and Willa are fond of pink, so we decided to make a pink-on-pink cake. 
What do you think?
 Q had a great deal of fun placing the pink candles and adding various sprinkled shapes.
 And tasting a bit of icing here and there in the process ;)
 I spent the previous evening painting an entire set of animals hot pink (something I never would have pictured myself doing five years ago). That's how parenthood changes you!
 I myself was never a big fan of pink, even as a little girl. But the look on my daughter's face is worth all the pink in the world!


Yoli said...

This is just precious! I love the cake and her little skirt!

angela said...

Q is absolutely stunning in that tulle skirt. My Giavanna has a similar one from Crewcuts that was purchased this spring, and I adore it.

And that cake... fantastic. The pink on pink looks yummy and magical. Where did you find the pink animals?

angela said...

oops, i missed the part about you painting them. great idea!
and i totally know what you mean about pink. since i've had a daughter, sometimes i even catch myself wanting to wear a pale or dusty shade!

jen laceda said...

Pink is definitely popular ;)

liza said...

And the cake is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the whole thing... the photos, the light, the skirt, all of it. Lucky girls. I've been intermittent at best. I can't find my blog voice very well (not that it was ever defined very well). I think there's been a shift that I need to understand better first - with kindergarten, looking for new work (husband, then me), house projects. I need it all to settle into place a bit! Happy to be here... this is the sweetest post, Maia!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Angela, yes the skirt is crewcuts...we got it on clearance last week, because I had a gift card. though Q does not care a whit about the clothes. she is basically clothed only for photos and company. it's all I can do to keep her clothed in public. she is not one of those girls who likes to dress up. I don't know if the phase will change - but so far, she is a Mowgli at heart.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Liza - we've missed you! But looks like you've been having some nice adventures. We were at the sand dunes too,recently!