Q is a blur of motion these days...always on her way someplace very important. As she grows more opinionated, she also more frequently grows tired of being followed around by the camera, so those long, beautiful photo shoots I used to get with her are fewer and farther between these days. 
In fact, in the shot on the right she is quite literally saying "no photos please" (except not quite so graciously).
 There is the very rare quiet moment after a nap, when she's still too sleepy to protest, and I can capture a sweet moment like these before she's off like a shot again.


kitchu said...

oh those last 2 are pure magic.

Yoli said...

Those photos with her and her dog are so beautiful. I also love her Anais & I dress, looks wonderful on her. How cold is it there now? We had a record high of 87 yesterday. My daughter's only chance of wearing that dress will be in NYC.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

It's supposed to be in the 60s here today and tomorrow. We get the occasional surprise snow flurry here and there, but it melts within minutes. Nothing serious yet.

Natalie Thiele said...

Who knew it would all end so soon?
Luckily you took many, many beautiful photos of Q while she was still willing to allow you to do so.

Fei An said...

I thought Q is used to your camera now:)She looks really tall now:)
How sweet she and her dog:)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Q and Fei, it's not over yet. I can still get good shots as long as she's distracted by a sport or other activity. She's just not so easily persuaded by gratuitous photo ops.
And Fei, yes, she's incredibly tall these days! I keep feeling like she looks about 6 when she is still only 3!