Yesterday, or friends came down from Vail again for another play date.
 Q could not possibly have been more thrilled.
 The weather was stunning, and we decided to celebrate by spending most of the day at the botanic gardens.
I know, we always seem to be at the botanic garden these days... Yes, we eat this place up! This membership was the best investment we ever made in family outings.

 I almost cracked a rib laughing when Q decided to scope this toy mountain goat with her binoculars...from two feet away. It is a bit of an optical illusion.
 My favorite part: the nature-inspired blocks and seating arrangement hewn from tree trunks. I need this to be at my house.

 Matt and my husband and I were old friends from our wild and woolly journalism days up in Vail. It's so funny to see them together again...with all the kiddos in tow. What a change a few years makes!
 The digging pit is sheer genius. Not a single kid is immune...boy, girl, no matter the personality, everyone loves a digging pit.
Q's wonderful linen dress and coat by Suvi Ainoa btw...I guess we're going to have to put away the linen for the season after today!


Daan said...

those are the days!! -x-

Rebekka Seale said...

That coat is gorgeous...she looks lovely in linen!

Yoli said...

Love the coat and dress, she looks so grown up in them. I love the way you dress her, not a bow in sight! So sophisticated. While most children look like cookie cutter versions, Q is always an original.

liza said...

Oh! There everybody is again! So fun.

Yanyan said...

With both Nea and Landon and mum ill, I have missed so many wonderful posts of yours and thanks for the beautiful pictures. Love to Q. Yanyan