Q has a favorite spot at the botanical gardens.
Last year it was the temple of the bells. 
This year, it's the egg.
The egg is a large stone sculpture set in the center of a large reflecting pool. From the end of the pool, it looks like a perfect oval, a simple stone egg. But walk around the long horizontal of the pool and it expands gradually into an elaborate coil of a structure. 
Q can't get enough of it. 
Something about it pushes all the right buttons for her elaborate, mathematical mind.
She can spend long periods of time here by the reflecting pool, just contemplating the egg from its various angles and calculating its implications.


Yoli said...

Beautiful photos of the Q! She has one thing in common with Salome, who is obcessed with numbers, a mathematical and analytical mind.

hip hip gin gin said...

I've just scrolled through quite a few of your gorgeous posts and I must say Q is just so adorable!! The photos in the pom pom room are too sweet, I would have gotten totally giddy in that type of room too (and what a great idea to go to the museum and have it all to your self, that is exactly the type of thing my husband and I tend to do, go where the crowds are least likely to go).

Nell said...

I really liked the last post photos. but Qis pretty on this one, of course!
Amazing children mind...

Fei An said...

Is Q wearing Ugg as well:)
I think you might like my ugg suggestion:)
Have a good start of the week!
One more thing have to say, I think she is getting more and more beautiful, honestly!

Daan said...

ooooh look at her!