My husband, whose journalistic sensibilities lead him to follow every news source available on the web, says that it has been forecasted as a mild winter.
 Everything that we have seen so far seems to support this theory.
 We have had, and still have, an indian summer that is extending into November.
 Not unheard-of in Denver (which has a milder climate than most imagine)...but still noteworthy.
 This has allowed us, as a family, to enjoy the new kid's section of the botanic gardens for far longer than we ordinarily would.

Ahhhh...fall blending into winter. Now this is a pattern I can get behind.


Helena Schütz said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Yoli said...

I love the boots! Makes her mile high legs seem longer!

kitchu said...

such stunning photos. you are one of my inspirations to moving back to film photography- you have the software to make your photos look like they are not at all digital! seriously beautiful.