But enough about my work...and a little more about Q's.

 Q has had a fingerpainting renaissance of late. 

 It's a very hands-on business in our house.

And afterward, of course, a bubble bath with the same color palette!

It makes everyone happy.


Knoopjes said...

I love the bright orange fish with the blue-green sea she is bathing in!
The joy that child brings it's just amazing!

FDChief said...

Not THAT's entertainment!

Yoli said...

Oh that is so sweet Maia!

Guusje said...

too cool,
such beautiful colors!

a big, big kiss, Guusje

kitchu said...

how wonderful is this! when will you be posting her work on etsy? :O)

M@rgriet said...

fingerpaint? BODYPAINT! cute ;-)

Signe said...

She really is like the cutest thing ever your daughter; I always smile from your pictures :)