Silly, silly girl.
Q is a natural-born clown. She is also (as it would appear on this blog) happy pretty much 24-7. Sure, she has her 2-year-old moments, but they are in the minority and pass as quickly as a summer storm.
Mostly, she is as you see her in these photos...constantly grinning, constantly shiny-faced, and constantly clowning around.
If we have put off her bedtime just a tad too long, her silliness goes into overdrive. She doesn't tantrum or melt down. She doesn't cry or wail. Instead, she gets twice as silly (at twice the speed) as usual. Her giggle turns into a cackle, her laugh into a roar. Her feet move at the speed of light. It's like the Q shifting into hyperspace (for all of you who still remember Star Wars).
This is not always the easiest of times (just try and catch her!) but it is certainly better than the alternative, and, I can't help it, it just cracks me up. She is infectious. There's no avoiding it. Once about a month ago I told her, "You know, Q, that whenever you laugh it makes Mommy laugh?"

Her response: "Really? Oh, man!"


kenza said...

Wonderful! and she makes the world laugh! that is a such a gift!

Yanyan said...

Looking at Q's pictures always makes me smile

Karumen said...

so happy to see cheerful Q always wearing her big smile :) r u teaching her to swim? or r those goggles her other set of accessories? hehe