Q and the MCA.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, the contemporary art museum is the best place in town for kids. I love that place and we're on our second year of membership.
It's like Q's personal playground. I'm not sure what she's doing here...air guitar?
She's very involved in the artwork.

Isn't she gorgeous?

yes. those are kitty whiskers. in sharpie. not my idea.

Friday nights they're open until 10 pm, which is nice since daddy works late.

bloomers: L'atelier de Marie et Rose Alice
leggings: Stella McCartney for Gap Kids
shoes: thrifted
pajama top: Target
scarf: borrowed from mommy


Di said...

It does look like a glorious place! I think Q is having a ball!

Sorry to hear about your dog......

Yoli said...

Oh yes! GORGEOUS! She truly is and those photos are beautiful. I love how she is growing up around art. I can't help dreaming of what she will become.

nath said...

I just love it when pictures are just spontaneous... at that age they just mind their own business, completely absorbed by what's surrounding them...