Recently, I started thinking about redecorating Q's room. Up until now, it has been a "baby room": just for sleeping and changing diapers. The floor is generally littered with a confetti of bandaid wrappers and discarded stickers, and the walls a morass of random Barbar and TinTin posters.
But Q will turn 3 late this summer, and is in the final stages of properly potty-training herself (very little credit to us). She will soon transition to a "big girl" bed as well - though possibly not until after her next surgery, since post-surgery nights are difficult. So I figured it was about time to transform her room into a space she could be proud of.
We're not finished yet, waiting on a lamp here, a set of shelves there...but Q is already quite proud of her new space and ready to show it off.
And so we present to you Q's new room, phase 1!
Incidentally, the Dylan poster is an homage to my dad, who used to jam with him when I was a baby back in Woodstock. The Knopfler is partly a nod to Q's little red guitar (which I think has to be a vague replica of the famous red stratocaster) that she plays with such consummate style, and partly the result of a recent date night on which my husband (much against my will) dragged me to a Mark Knopfler concert at the opera house. It was a brilliant concert (if ever there was a song for a date night, Romeo and Juliette has to be it) and set me off on a long jag of revisiting '70s Dire Straits (if you want to know what I'm talking about, listen to this. I never even heard Where Do You Think You're Going before I started raking through the archives, but it's now in heavy rotation in my studio. Quite possibly the sexiest song ever written.)
Stay tuned for phase 2 of decoration, which will include some works by blog friends you might recognize!


nath said...

Oh, Romeo & Juliette... all my teenage years in one song. Dire Strait album in constant loop (and U2!). Good luck with the decorating, and the ops'

kenza said...

love the colors and the style of the room!
and Dire Straights... wow! great stuff!

Shaista (Lupus in Flight) said...

Oh makes me wish I was a fellow blogger artist just so I could hang on Q's cool walls :)
I love Dire Straits and Dylan too..

rosanguyen said...

Awww reading your blog over a while now. I can see Q grow, it makes me feel all bubbly inside. She's going to be a big girl..

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Nath, for me it was Walk of Life that I remember from the '80s, but R&J hits home for me now. So many things change with maturity, but good music just unfolds new depths.

Kenza, I've always loved b&w shades with red accents (I've done many series of drawings in that combo) but never thought of it before for a room.

Shaista, when she can read I will surely hang one of your poems - if they aren't art, I don't know what is!

Rosa, you always put a smile on my face!

CdP said...

enough to make him love the good music and have fun with the decor!

Yoli said...

Oh my, it is beautiful and so her!