Hope you all had a lovely mother's day!

The "tattoos", btw, are courtesy of daddy and a Sharpie pen. Q is occasionally jealous of ours, so she frequently asks to be decorated.
This little collection is from the ranch my parents and I lived on when I was a child. Most were either found on the property (from settlers who lived there in the late 1800s) or discovered in small antique shops in the region. My mum sent them to us when we bought our house. The cow skull was found on our property.


rosanguyen said...

Q looks so hip and punk rock in these photos. And adorable in that tutu like skirt :D

Simply Mel said...

Q is awesome! No doubt, your Mother's Day was fabulous ~ how could it not be?! :) As I told Sean, every day is wonderful, so really no reason to celebrate once out of the year...we just celebrate daily!

Gaia is also very intrigued by our tattoos, and Sean happily gives her some 'rock star' status 'tatts' on a daily basis. The other mothers at the playground often times look at me/Gaia with sincere worry! (and I secretly love those looks! ha!)

We took Gaia bowling for the first time tonight, and she was a total natural. Not really for the sport, but for the entire atmosphere ~ wearing polka dots, stripes and leg warmers (something very Cyndi Lauper/Madonna) and dancing her heart out to the 80's music. Good times!

Love that you scored the bowling shoes for Q!

Have a great week!

kenza said...

Oh she is so so cool!
happy mother's day to you too! (we celebrate it today May 10 -as in Mexico)
Besos a todos!

Justine said...

Happy mother's day to you. In France it's at the end of the month, so I still have to wait for my first "made at school" present from Emilie

CdP said...

Yellow power !!!
Find a home among us, fashion did not border!

Yoli said...

I just love these images. Of the ancient irons on the wall my favorite is the handcuffs!

Catalina said...

She is so cute!!!

MODsquad said...

Ok. This outfit is in my top five favorite Q outfits category! DARLING!!

Can you please come dress the MODgals... including me!!