Just a little playing around today...

I'm having to learn how to combine hand illustration with computer illustration this week, and decided to try it out with some photos of Q. What do you think?

I haven't showed these to her yet since she's with a nanny share today...I'll be interested to see how it strikes her to be placed in the middle of one of mommy's drawings!

hat: Gap kids
blouse: Stella McCartney for Gap Kids
leggings: CrewCuts
suspenders (braces): American Apparel for kids
shoes: thrifted, from Italy


anna said...

One word: WOW!
She will be thrilled :)

(I'm practising too, but dont find it easy :()

Simply Mel said...

It's seriously cool!

Q will definitely love it!

alliot / iza said...

Maia, they're sublime!!
How fun to play with combining hand illustration with photographic images! This reminded me that I once keyed in iza in some line work presentations for projects ... :)

Yoli said...

I think she is going to LOVE it! This is so cool Maia!

Karumen said...

i luv the 2nd one! really fits Q's energetic + adventurous attitude too! :)

rosanguyen said...

My goodness Q looks adorable. The last picture reminds me of "Where the Wild things are".

MODsquad said...

Oh, I LOVE these!!