photo credit: l'Atelier d'Audrey

She's done it again! And l'Atelier d'Audrey's latest macaron creation has me drooling.

photo credit: l'Atelier d'Audrey

What a concept! In spite of the amazing color, this is what she's calling a "sweet and salty" macaron, made with fresh chevre cheese, pear preserves and ginger! Can you imagine the symphony of flavor, added to this symphony of color?

I am in awe. Go check out her full collection of amazing macaron creations at Abcde...wxYz.


*L said...

i love parisian macarons. no matter how hard i try, they never turn out... always taste good though. i have a major respect for someone who can create something this gorgeous!

Juliette said...

Miam Miam!

Paperface said...

Unimaginable. Literally.