My husband is a reformed chef. I may have mentioned that before. He was a chef and a journalist both during our early years together. As we approached our decision to become parents, he gave up the restaurant life. We both knew that the restaurant business is not an easy life for new parents. We wanted to focus on our child, if we were going to do it at all. So he gave up least professionally.
He still cooks amazing meals for me (like I said, I'm lucky). And we still live like culinary sybarites. We love to discover new and delightful venues for enjoying food.
These photos are froma small "pizza joint" in a refurbished neighborhood close to our home.
We loved everything from the simple but graceful Italian food to the vintage Bond posters on the stripped brick walls.

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Merisi said...

Looks delicious!

Walking through the fruit and vegetable market of Campo de' Fiori would have delighted you - I could not get enough of the sight of wild asparagus, Tarocco oranges from Sicily, puntarelle ready to dance with anchovy dressing, artichokes of all colors and sizes, cleaned and cut.