I couldn't stop photographing this lovely girl on the dragon boat in the lake at the Summer Palace, Beijing.


Yoli said...

How adorable. I love her hair. I kept looking at the children's hairstyles while in China. What a beautiful little girl.

Merisi said...

One wishes a good life for her.
I often think of the people there, in these times of economic crises, without fallback, how they are coping, one by one.

I lived almost a decade in Rome,
my heart will always be at home there.

Elyse said...

Aww, she is adorable! I love reading your blog...I'm about half-way through my bachelors in sociology (hopefully sociology/anthropology if I get into this other college) and looking forward to getting my masters in journalism...I would LOVE to be able to travel a lot. Your blog is so inspiring! =)