I'm taking a brief break from my own photos here to post a photo essay that my mother took on her recent journey on a small boat, exploring the stunning fjords of southern Chile.
My mother, like so many women in our family line, is an adventurer.
Me, I vacillate back and forth between my feminine side and my rough-and-tumble side. But my mother is a more stable soul. She has always been exceptionally beautiful. During her college days, they tried to recruit her as a fashion model, but true to form, she turned them down flat. She was and is a tomboy, an independent spirit, an artist, an traveler and a fly fisherman.
Each winter, she travels with her partner to the wilds of Argentina and Chile for a month of fishing. These are some shots from their most recent journey.

View from the boat.

My mother is an artist who paints mainly birds and wildlife in oils, so many of her photographs are studies for her work.
She is also an expert fly-fisherman, whose casting technique is so lovely that she has been used in demonstration videos. She generally has the honor of catching the largest fish on any given trip. Most of this is catch-and-release.
A haul of crabs ready for the evening meal.


Local flora.
Local fauna.
The shipboard chef making pasta by hand in the galley. Impressive, no?

A change in the weather.

My critter Friday?
Sea birds aloft.
This is my favorite shot of the bunch.
Untracked territory.

My mum. She makes me proud. Doesn't she look happy?

This venerable fellow could have been a shot from the zoo...but most likely he has never seen a human being before.


Tina said...

What a beautiful way to honor your mother! You come by your talent naturally! A family of artists and adventurers!

Some Chilean Woman said...

My homeland!

Yoli said...

Chile is so beautiful. I have such admiration for your Mom. I have come to know her a little through your words and images. You do her proud Maia.

flyinamber said...

wonderful photos!
I would love know your mother,she looks as one very interesting woman!
my mother is not one adventurer,she doesn't love long jurneys..

Merisi said...

Magnificent photo essay and a great manifesto of your mother's adventurous spirit!

sølvi said...

Your mother sounds like a truly special woman.