...for a very important announcement: It's spring!
Well, OK, so we've got a couple days to go before the official day. But here in our mile-high city, spring has most definitely sprung. The crocuses have come and gone. The fruit trees have burst into bloom. Temps have waffled up and down between the 50s and the 70s, and our daughter is pitter-pattering around in her tiny bare feet on the hardwood floors.
As I watch the blossoms burst in technicolor in neighborhood gardens, and the trees begin to create a lace filigree in shades of pink and white against the proverbial azure blue of the Colorado skies, I realize I am facing a turning point. There is no sticking to a single or even double color scheme for this wild and abandoned season. It's time to let go of strictures and inhibitions, strip off my woolen socks and winter coats, and let the colors fall where they will.

I know, I know. My willpower has not lasted long. I only made it through two and a half months of regulated color schemes without breaking my resolve.
But really...can you blame me?

I plan to return to an ordered existence once again when the heady intoxicant of spring has settled back into the routine of summer. For now...I throw all caution to the wind. Just fair warning!


Tina said...

so happy spring is many things i want to do: walk on the beach, go to the mountain, go to the farmer's market ever saturday. this is truly my favorite season. you capture it so beautifully!

FDChief said...

No trouble at Spring the spirit bloweth where it listeth. List away.