From the Etsy shop/seller Larimeloom

What Larimeloom made for me!
Yes, I had to order another beautiful poncho. Lucia found a piece of creamy white wool among her fabrics just big enough to make a white winter poncho for me. I don't have it yet, as I'm waiting on another item - this is Lucia modeling it for the shop. But I am definitely a fan of her beautiful craftsmanship and exquisite fabrics right now.

Here's a question: why are there so few people on Etsy making high-quality clothing for adults? I keep looking, but Lucia's shop is a rare find. There is plenty for kids, but surprisingly little for adults. Are there so few seamstresses out there with unique ideas? I would expect there to be more.


Yoli said...

That is very pretty and it is going to look beautiful on your long lanky frame. It would make me look like a pig in a blanket.

flyinamber said...

It suits you very well!
But do you make clothes for you sometimes yourself?I mean,do you cut and sew your clothes sometimes?
I do and those are my favourite pieces..I don't care for "clothes with signature" :)

sølvi said...

I totally agree. I ordered some pieces myself today. I'll post some pictures when I receive my package:-)