Well, it looks like I'm going to make it through the month of January on the white theme. Maybe I have a bit more willpower than I though?
In any case, I've been thinking about next month's theme...and here's what I came up with:
red & pink.
It goes with the season, and though I'm not such a big fan of Valentine's day and all its attendant merchandising, I think the colors have plenty of more subtle potential.
As a little preview, here are a few of my inspirations, beginning with this page from the Holiday '08 J.Crew catalogue (while their clothes don't suit my figure, I have always loved their photo stylists!)
From Marie Claire Maison magazine, Février/Mars 2007
From J. Crew again.
From Coté Est magazine, numéro 44
From the inimitable Dr. Seuss.
From Marie Claire Idées magazine, numéro 70.

What do you think? Does February have potential? It's my birth month, incidentally ;)

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Geisslein said...

I have never weared pink and red in combination and I do not have these colours in my house since 3 or 4 years (in the meantime I more like natural colours) - but whenever I see this combination I like it very much! Good idea - looking forward for your next colour-posts :o)
Nighty night, geisslein