So, here's the thing. I really admire the blogs of people who have "a color scheme" - a nice, monochromatic palette of colors that they adhere to throughout the lifespan of the blog. It's so elegant and....I don't know, definite. I would have liked to think I could do that with my blog. Sadly I, water child that I am, have nothing close to that sort of attention span. I am just not monochromatic.
But I decided just this morning as I was out running in the snow that it would be an interesting exercise to do a rotating color palette on the blog. Initially, I thought one color per month. Then, I though...I'm not sure I have even that much of an attention span (sad, isn't it?)
So I am going to start with a color per week. If I'm not feeling too jittery, maybe I'll make it through a month. We'll see.
Since it's January, and it just snowed here, I'm going to start with white. It seems fitting.
(This photo was taken in Beijing in July, not long before the summer Olympics)


Yoli said...

I can totally relate. I have the attention span of a bee. I am contantly changing colors and themes on my blog. I love your white blog, it is lovely but I also understand the need to change.

sølvi said...

I love your new banner and the white theme. Beautiful:-)

FDChief said...

Agree with solvi - I love the picture of you and Q.

We never managed to get out of Guangzhou, so I can only be jealous of your pictures from Beijing. But "white" is the last thing I think of when I think of Guangzhou. Typical grubby south China city, it seemed a chaotic mess of grays and browns with the occasional washed-out red or blue highlight.

Elizabeth said...

She's stunning. I want to know her

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

In response to FDChief: our trip was cut into thirds - 1/3 in Beijing, 1/3 in Nanjing, and 1/3 in Guanghzhou. Beijing was very eclectic, cool, multi-layered and sartorially elegant. I adored Beijing. But I have to say, it was very monochromatic - all shades of grey. Nanjing was the real deal...the nitty-gritty. The vegetable markets were incredible. It was also a sort of redneck tourist-trap...very different from Beijing.
Guanghzhou, after Nanjing, was pretty slick - and very green, for us. Mossy, sub-tropical green. It was August, and ludicrously hot and humid.
Since Mike was very ill in Nanjing, and I was very ill in Guangzhou, those last two-thirds were long and arduous. What I remember with light and joy is Beijing, where we were both healthy, curious and full of energy, and where we were fortunate enough to have the best historical guide I've ever had in any country to tour us through the ancient sites. Beijing is still my best memory from an all-around amazing and extensive journey through China.

flyinamber said...

your new banner is beautiful..
and an idea of white theme is great..I try something like that with gold & brown on "fly in amber" but it's very difficult because I have so many various I'm trying that at my home-the basic colour is brown,the basic material old wood and details in gold..and white walls..

FDChief said...

Good point - I forgot the tropic green. Shamian Dao was surprisingly green. I loved birding the Botanical Garden early in the morning.

While I wasn't ill - Debra was, rather nastily - I had a hard time dealing with the dog-mouth heat. Sad, really, for someone who spent years in Central America. But my memories of Guangzhou are colored by a haze of exhaustion from lack of sleep and enervation from the heat and humidity.

Bejing sounds lovely...