...back to Lucia's beautiful clothing, which arrived neatly packed and smelling (delightful!) just faintly of woodsmoke. What better missive from Italy than this?
I'll start with this dress because it instantly became the favorite item of clothing in my closet. Made of a rich and ultra-soft charcoal jersey, it is a simple and perfect design...can be slid over the head like a tube and worn like your most comfortable sweats.

I tried it over jeans, over tights, and over nothing, and it was equally adaptable every which way.
I even cleaned the kitchen in it.
Yup, my new go-to outfit for all occasions.
And to think this wasn't even a part of my original order! I saw it as a new item in her Etsy shop at the last minute and tacked it on.
Stay tuned...more to come from the Etsy shop larimeloom.

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Geisslein said...

The dress is really a good looking one - but I could never wear it, I don´t have the body for it - unfortunately...but you look very very faboulous in it! Great choice! But by the way: This picture you and little Q are look each other in the eyes, oh - it thrilled me - what a special moment! And what a wonderful picture...Wish you both a funny and faboulous day today. Here in germany it´s a cloudy day - but I don´t care about it, because it´s a good day today - I can feel it! ;o)