So...back to white.
I have recently fallen back in love with the white T-shirt. Or rather, I guess, in love for the first time. I always had a thing for them on other people - particularly men (think James Dean. Enough said). But I guess I've never had the confidence for them myself. During the post-college years, I hid behind a black wardrobe...nothing original there. And in recent years I've had a lengthy flirtation with camisoles and little sweaters.
Only recently have I come to understand the simple pleasures of a white cotton shirt, and since I only have two weeks left of my "white" month, I figured I'd better celebrate it while I have the chance.


flyinamber said...

you look so beautiful,Maia!
I just adore white cotton shirts,especialy in the summer..
I look younger to myself when I wear white :)

Yoli said...

Maia, you can wear anything. You have the body of a model. If I wear that white t-shirt I look like the pillsbury dough boy.

sølvi said...

I bought myself a nice white shirt today myself.....I feel like cleaning up my look somehow. The shirt looks really good on you by the way:-)

Geisslein said...

A simply white shirt - an old jeans (boyfriend-style maybe) and barefoot or chucks - always a GREAT and cool style :o) I totally love white shirts!