The art blog Paris Breakfasts has been posting sweet watercolors of café coffee cups, and it made me realize how many cups of café coffee I've photographed while in France. I have posted several of them already, and here's another one - this one actually from Paris, while out shopping with my best friend from middleschool, Margriet, who lives outside Amsterdam. See? Every cup of coffee contains a memory. That's an excellent reason to photograph them. Anyone else out there photograph their cups of coffee (of course, there's Merisi , whose photos of Demel's in Vienna have been making me drool)?


Geisslein said...

Your comment at my blog makes my wish to travel to paris much bigger :o) Thanks for this! Wish you a great day!!!

Yoli said...

The coffee diaries, that should be the name of your next blog! Love the photo of my favorite beverage.