I love the snow, but I miss the sound of rare out here on the high plains of Colorado.
Denver, CO


flyinamber said...

I don't like the snow at all..and don't like the cold rain..but I really love summer rain and smell of damp ground..
Love this photo!

Yoli said...

I am a strange bird. I love snow and I adore the rain. Sunny days do nothing for me.

FDChief said...

You're welcome to visit us.

Rain? We got.

I came up from the basement Friday night and stuck my head in the bathroom:

"How long you going to run that shower, love?"

(from the bedroom) "What shower?"

It was the rain in the downspouts.

Yep. HARD rain.

Anonymous said...

I love your photo. I can hear the sound of the rain. It's marvellous. Thank you.