Yesterday, with Q in full-day preschool and us with (at last) some real time on our hands, we decided to celebrate just a bit by treating ourselves to (long neglected) haircuts. I got mine chopped at a local arts district salon called Rebelle - all pink and rock-baroque inside. 
(I got quite a lot chopped off my hair - but will have to post pictures of the result at a later date!)
 We stopped for tea and coffee at a nearby coffee shop before I treated Mike to his belated anniversary gift - a cut and straight-shave at the new men's salon, Proper.

 I don't know which one of us was more excited about visiting Proper for the first time, but it was probably me, because I adore the place!
 It pushes every single one of my design buttons. 
I would like to shake the hand of the person that designed Proper. No detail has been ignored, and everything is just perfection.
 A treatment at Proper begins with a shot of Jameson's Irish Whiskey. 
If you're still thirsty, Pabst Blue Ribbon is on offer while you're under the blade.
 Lounge feet.
 How much do I love the fact that they mix in vintage '60s Playboys with copies of GQ in the waiting area? A lot.
 I love every detail from the whiskey display over the front door to the über-cool logo T-shirts, the bleached deer-skull hat racks, the kitschy painting of the creature from the black lagoon over the wash station, and the custom-designed wallpaper.
 Who doesn't need a tin of mustache elixir?
 My husband is working up to a clean shave after a couple of years of wearing a beard. In the interim, he's decided to rock 70's biker chops and a fu manchu, just for kicks.
 Prepping for the straight razor.
 Mid-shave, I dashed out to pick up Q from school, so she could watch Papa get his haircut. She got a sucker out of the bargain as well - always a plus!
This place kinda makes me wish I were a guy.


Rebekka Seale said... cool! We have a place similar to that right down the street from us, called "Red's" I used to have to beg Manley to get a he goes a little too much!!!

Merisi Vienna said...

Oh, gorgeous series of images!

The weather here in Vienna is wonderful too. Indian Summer celebration with late August temperatures and cooler September nights.

FDChief said...

When I was a broth of a boy I used to get my hair cut at the post barber down on Ardennes Street at Ft. Bragg. He was a real old-school kind of cutter, and this reminds me of then.

One of the things I always enjoyed was getting my neck and sides shaved. He'd use the straight razor, and that was always part of the kick; hot lather and then the cold kiss of steel, knowing that a slip would be messy...but he never slipped.

Since I got out of the active service I've never found a civilian barber in Oregon who will use the straight blade - I found out that since AIDS it is against state regs.

So you've got a real treat there.

FenFen said...

x] that's a COOL place!!!! I wish there is one like that in Indonesia..and yeah, i wish i were a guy too... ;(