Today was finally the day of our girl's birthday party - a whole month late, delayed by her surgeries and then by my busy work schedule, but I finally realized there was never going to be a "right time" in my schedule, and I was just going to have to close my eyes and jump. 

As you can see, she woke pretty excited this morning. We spent the early morning making paper hats and finishing cupcake decorations.
 Silly girl.
 I love the smile on her face, my little Mowgli of the jungle.
 Here she is wearing her Anais & I skirt as a dress.
In the end, she chose a more practical dress, also by A&I, for the actual party, but I love how ethereal she looks in these photos. Like a sylph come to life in our livingroom.

She wanted the buddhas to wear party hats as well ;)
Fully dressed (finally) and setting up an outdoor table with silver stars, paper hats, and little gifts for the guests.
My "invitations" were so last-minute, so hap-hazard and so less-than-planned that I really expected two or three people to show up. But as it happened, a good crowd turned out for Q's little celebration, with many, many little ones, and we had a blast!

I'm too tired to post pictures from the party tonight, but I will soon. It was really quite magical all around!

Many thanks to all who attended!!


Ling said...

adorable garden birthday party! can't wait to see the pics :)

happy birthday little Q!

RDYN! said...

It's been a while since I was here. Q has definitely grown up a lot since I was. I hope she had the most fun celebrating. And I guess things haven't changed much, do post more photos :)

Helena The Junior said...

Aww, she is just so pretty!! Looks like a lot of fun;)

Amélie said...

So, so charming. Q is a graceful fairie!

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday to Q,, she looks wonderful,, I love that smile!When I think of her my first thoughts are big smile, bare feet and non stop, she's so clever for her age and I think she's tall for age as well, well, I think she's perfect.

Yoli said...

She looks like a magical being. The dress looks stunning on her, as does the skirt as a dress. Can't wait to see the other pictures.

FDChief said...

Can't help thinking she's channeling Max, and the wild rumpus is about to start...