Q attended her first two days of pre-school the week before her surgery. We expected her to take a full month off for surgery, but her doctor gave her the go-ahead to head back to school after only a week and a half of recovery. 
When she did go back, she was not quite fully recovered - still a little sore, still a little emotionally rocky.
 A big part of her just wanted to stay close to the comfortable cocoon of home...but another part of her was ready to put on her bravest face and head back into the fray.
 This was her bravest face.
 Walking to class with daddy (and mommy, trailing with the camera).
 This was her third day back, and finally we got a big smile again instead of tears when she walked into the classroom. A triumphant return of the resilient Q.
 Still, in these weeks following a big surgery, she is very possessive of the comforts of home.

Many thanks to Lorraine for the absolutely gorgeous Canadian hat in the first pictures, to Daan for the block-printed tee and to Fei An for the flower-print pants in the last photos.


Fei An said...

Oh my, She is becoming a true little beauty now!!! Love her beautiful Chinese eyes!!!Dear Maia, you must allow me to present one of these Q's pictures at my website!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Of course Fei An -and I also have some beautiful pictures of her in the Chinese jacket that I have been meaning to send you...will send soon! ox

Fei An said...

It is there at my website already:) thanks, Maia! I am looking forward to the pictures of her in the Chinese Jacket:)

Yoli said...

It must have torn at your heart seeing her cry going to school. Glad she is feeling like her old self more and more each day. It is a process. Sending her love. These are beautiful images Maia but then again, they just keep getting better and better.

Cotton's said...

Glad the surgery is completed successfully for Q and Q to back to school as quickly, and finally it must be well rested though!
this class sounds great.
Nice hat;)

good day and please give a kiss from me to congratulate Q are courageous

Ling said...

absolutely adorable in that canadian toque.

alix said...

What a phenomenal little girl....and an amazing family. I'm so glad she's doing well....i'm sure it's been hard. Oh and happy belated Birthday to the beautiful Q!

kitchu said...

to this day, she so often causes a lump in my throat- her beauty, her elegance, her strength, her other-worldliness...

she is an old soul, this one.