She has just turned 4. 
She is taller than most 6-year-olds. 
She is just two weeks out of surgery, and had her nose tubes removed two days ago. 
She is mostly recovered, but not completely recovered. 
She is still a bit fragile.
She has received so many beautiful cards, letters, gifts and packages in the mail over the past several weeks that I am afraid she'll be ruined for life!
Her mommy is terribly busy and is having the worst time trying to keep up with thanking all the amazing friends who have sent her comfort and joy during her pre-surgery, post-surgery and lengthy recovery. 
Eventually, we will find a way to thank all of you in the fashion that you all deserve! 
Meantime, today I thank Jeremy, Axel, Miles, Ryder, Amy & Frank for the wonderful drawings,  cards and words!
Kate M for the Japanese message doll that has so entranced Q, and the mini-stickers which...well, you had us a mini-stickers!!
Mila, Luc and Nina for the hilarious splits robot (we may or may not have stolen it from the Q) 
Lorraine for the absolutely GORGEOUS winter animal hat from Canada which fits perfectly and will be ideal for a chilly Colorado winter!
Kirsten for...I can't even begin to describe this entire many ABSOLUTELY PERFECT things from France that we can't possibly find here in the US, including the charm bracelet that is Q's new most prized possession!
Ty, Remy and your parents who have now given so many useful and perfectly Q-ful things that we can never hope to repay! (The giraffe puzzle was genius!)
Rebekka S whose absolutely stunning painting (I have long coveted one of your works of art) now holds pride-of-place in Q's bedroom.
Ben, Jenna, Michele & Chuck,
And the Mordens, who after their first round of extremely artistic and stunning paintings, sent us a second round of beautiful and thoughtful handmade cards...

So, so many more that this poor overstressed brain can never hope to catch up!
Thank you all. 
Thank you so, so much. 


Ancarol said...

Good lucky QQ and go ahead be fashion lady : )

....... said...

nice to read that Q is recovering well with love and fun!



Amélie said...

Happy birthday beautiful Q! We're so happy to see you recovering.

alexandra said...

She is more and more beautifull !

kenza said...

Happy birthday sweet Q!

有力 said...

Maia, she looks so grown up in this picture and drop dead GORGEOUS! I love this picture of Q!

I am glad she has received so many beautiful things from around the world and knows just how much she is loved.