Hard to post right now, since I am caught between work, Q's recovery process, and my mum's biannual visit from New York, but suffice to say that Q's recovery has been sporadic. While she returned to the land-of-the-living a great deal more quickly than most, her tendency to overdo it (coupled with her chronic inability to just "rest") has definitely made for some rough patches on the road to complete recovery. When her systems fail, they fail hard and fast, but she rallies again just as quickly. 
Here she is in a wan moment, making a giraffe puzzle that a friend sent her. Brilliant puzzle btw, and she was able to put it together "all by" based on the instruction sheet.
 Very proud of her giraffe, a couple of wonky legs notwithstanding!
 So although the bulk of the recovery has gone far more quickly than any of us expected, we are still dealing with the "aftershocks", and she definitely has had (and still is having) her really difficult moments. She still occasionally feels weak, wobby, nauseous, achy, or in various forms of pain...poor kid!
 Fortunately, on day six after surgery, her beloved LaoLao showed up to help her through the rest of the recovery. And oh, how she loves her LaoLao. It has been no end of comfort to her to have LaoLao here through her difficult moments.
This was a down-time, and we have also had up-times. We have had wades in cool mountains streams, and long bike rides in the early autumn sun. We have had picnics and movies and board games and icecream, and plenty of laughs. It hasn't been all good, but it hasn't been all bad. We look forward to less stressful times...but then, so does the rest of the world at this point in time. All in all, we have it pretty good, and we are thankful for that. We have eachother.


Fei An said...

Oh, I miss my LaoLao. She was everything to me when I was Little. I grew up with her while my parents worked in an other city. I love to see Q's smiling face sitting together with Laolao. What a girl you have, so lucky you! You are a great woman and mother, and I am touched when I see all the pictures and words, you are doing so much for Q. I wish I would be a better mother as you are. Have a good day!

Lizzy said...

I think you have a great outlook on life, there may be hard times but you have each other. I really like the last picture of Q and LaoLao, I see the love! Wishing her a quick recovery.

Yoli said...

Heartfelt post Maia. You do have each other and that is the world. It must be incredibly hard for an active child when her body does not respond as she wants it to. My heart goes to her.

Those images should be framed and given to your mother. They are so tender and you can see the love between those two.

kenza said...

Hello! I was away from the Internet for a week but thought of Q often. I see she is doing much better. Love the smile with here grandmother! Take care sweet Maia and get some rest as well.

FDChief said...

And when it comes down to that...that's all we really do have, each other. Isn't it?

We have no real surety against the vagaries of life; the earthquake, the hurricane, the random flu germ, the arrow that flieth by day and the terror by night.

But we have each other. And with luck that lends meaning to everything else.