Yesterday, before my mother takes off on her little road trip, we took a drive into the Indian Peaks wilderness, a spectacular area northwest of Denver that we have, somehow in all these years, still not explored completely.
 I love this picture because this is such a typical and familiar image of my mother, leaning on a fence with a camera in her hands, and horses somewhere nearby.
 Horses that came to say hello.
 I love the smell of a horse's breath, like warm grass. 
The yellow schoolhouse is a startling contrast in that empty valley.


 Mum and I came around a corner to be suprised by these two jokers...aha!

 Mike took this picture - isn't it sweet? Somehow captures all the joy we were taking in around us.

 Q picked a wild daisy for me.

 Always the explorer.

 So beautiful, every inch.

 Waving to the train as it heads for the tunnel that goes through the mountain. The conductor blew his whistle for Q.


Yoli said...

This editorial should be in a magazine. Magnificent Maia. So much beauty.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love your life?

kenza said...

Priceless. every inch, every smile, every flower... Thank you!

Amélie said...

Wonderful moments of joy! Everything's just perfect. It gladdens my heart. Thank you for sharing.

ChantaleP said...

Wow, incredible nature photos! I think your Q must be much taller than my girl who is 6yo! Crazy but I think so.. Really love these nature pics..

onesilentwinter said...

it does the mind and body good.

kitchu said...

slices of paradise. i agree with Yoli, this deserves a spread in a magazine. incredible.

Isavoyage said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. How I love your country's wonderful landscapes!