When I started this blog, I made a great effort not to over-post my daughter. I thought of this blog as a separate entity, though I wasn't yet sure of what sort, and I didn't want it to be a "mommy blog" or an "adoption blog", since I'd already done that.
There was a point, obviously, at which my convictions, dam-like, began to crumble, and then avalanche. I'm not sure when I lost the will to keep her off of every page, but there it is.
Finally, I just gave up. There is nothing more photogenic, more mercurial, more animated, more eloquent, or more captivating than the my little man-cub and her many shining faces.
What can be done about it?

ps - while I love her Mowgli look, I do hope she sees fit to grow out of it before she turns 18, if only for the sake of social conventions.


Simply Mel said...

For one thing, I would never consider this a 'mommy blog' because every post is far too artistic and filled with happy moments to be anything close to the above title!

Never dull of the superb Q!

cara said...
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cara said...

Joyeux anniversaire Maia!
(spelled it wrong the first time which is why I had to delete the post...) Saw your b-date on Etsy. (my daughter's is tomorrow!)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Thanks, Cara! Was that you who just visited my Etsy shop?

cara said...

Yes, I'm so excited to own one of your prints!

Capucha said...

Happy Birthday Maia ! :)
Un gros bisou à Q-Q !

Yoli said...

This is so not a Mommy blog. She living art Maia. She is beautiful, raw and always interesting, like her Mom.

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

kenza said...

Precious! So happy you share with us her smiles. She brightens our days!
And all my best wishes on your birthday!

Justine said...

There is not a more beautiful photo of a child than the one taken by his mother. Love is in every picture you take of your daughter...and I love the name of your blog.

pien said...

she is so adorable!
i think we all [blogreaders] just luuuuuuuv to see her pictures all the time!

enjoy her!
[and so do we! ;D ]

happy day!

Stacie said...

i have always thought z looked just like mowgli too... how funny you posted that. in fact z always talks about that "girl and that blue bear" when referring to jungle book. Happy Birthday!

Jeanne-ming said...

I can see how this happened. It would happen to anyone who hangs out a lot with your daughter because Q possesses a camera lens better than anyone. She is so fun to watch. I can't get enough.