I'm overdue for introducing one of my very favorite clothing lines, Loup Charmant, out of Brooklyn:
How do I love Loup Charmant? Let me count the ways.

As you may have noticed, I love white. Loup Charmant works with a monochromatic color palette consisting almost entirely of white...up until this spring, that is, when they release a few pieces in translucent black, which I love very nearly as much.

Loup Charmant is an exclusive and narrow line, offering only a few very lovely and rare pieces, beautifully-designed and exquisitely-crafted. The simplicity of the pieces relies on the perfection of each individual design, all executed in fine organic cotton.

Each piece is limited, so get your favorite quickly before it's sold out.
A shot from Vogue Italia featuring Loup Charmant's superb bloomers, of which I am a huge fan. Photographed by Steven Meisel, styled by Karl Templar. Desirability factor: very high!
I recently became the proud owner of two LC pieces, an ethereal blouse, and a pair of the much-coveted bloomers. I have a feeling I will also be ordering a piece in black from the spring line this coming season. Here in Colorado, the snow is still falling...but I am dreaming of barefoot spring and its gentle breezes. Ah, sigh, lovely.


Yoli said...

They are so delicate and airy. Lovely. I also like the little flower in your hair.

María said...

It looks soft and whimsical. What a dream!

charleystar said...

ooh pretty. love how you paired the bloomers with black -- gotta try that.