On our last day upstate, we decided to take the train that runs down the Hudson to New York City. It's a ride full of gorgeous river views, and if you take the express from Rhinecliff instead of the commuter from Poughkeepsie, it's a quiet, peaceful way to travel.
The Rhinecliff station holds many memories for me from my days in the city, when I would often come up of a weekend to visit my mother and get some country air.
This would be Q's first experience with train travel, and we were looking forward to introducing her.
I love trains...everything about them. I actually wish I could ride around on trains all the time.
There's something very meditative about the time spent on a train.
It's a good time to reflect, get a fresh perspective on life, take a look at the bigger picture, work things out in your head.
Q seemed to enjoy it too...until she fell asleep, which didn't take very long.

Readying for arrival.
We stayed this time at the Bentley Hotel, in the mid 60s on York, right by the Roosevelt Island tram. This was a new hotel for us, and I have to say it was pretty fabulous. They advertise a spectacular view from nearly every room in the hotel, and they're not kidding. But that doesn't even begin to describe the fabulousness of the rooftop bar...holy cow! But that's for another post.

We were upgraded to a suite, which is nice when you have a toddler. The pillows and duvets were divine - I don't think I've slept so well in months. And the location was perfect.

As you can see, Q settled right in. If she had a thought bubble, it would read: "Yup....yup....I could get used to this!"


Kenza said...

lovely once more! and you stayed in the mid-60's! (I used to live on East 65th!) Yes lovely view. have a wonderful day and thank you again.

mothermouse said...

that reminds me of that episode of Friends in the train (Poughkeepsie). I would love to to the same journey, the landscape looks great.

Mlle Paradis said...

what a fun post! what's not to like about trains? i liked the w. churchill quote too!

Christine said...

I used to take that train from Rhinecliff all the time! Love that train station. Now I take the dreaded commuter train from Poughkeepsie. I love the picture of the castle. There has been a lot of news about that recently. Thanks again!!!1

Maia said...

Kenza, I lived on East 71st the last year I was in the city.

Nath, I never watched Friends, believe it or not! That was an era without TV for me. It is a wonderful train journey, though!

Basho, what's in the news about the castle? I always loved that folly and its decay.