I can't really list this post in my "favorite things" category, since this is a product I have not yet tried. So I'll have to designate it among "intriguing things", which it most certainly is!

One of my blog readers tipped me off to the WienerBlut (translates as "Vienna blood") brand of scents created by her brother.

I looked it up and was instantly intrigued. The website has the feel of a multimedia installation you might find at a contemporary art museum. The eerie, whispery soundtrack with undertones of ghosts from a bygone era. The scratchy arthouse visuals that smack of old projectors and musty rooms. Clearly not your typical perfume company. There's something edgy and extremely contemporary here, a departure. Again, I have not smelled these scents myself, but you can read about them here and here. WienerBlut founder Alexander Lauber based his scents on the 19th century tradition of handkerchief perfumes. They are handmade in Vienna. Klubwasser, his first (unisex) scent, employs essences of oakmoss, hay, cumin and coriander.

Now, I've mentioned before that I'm picky about scents. I have a strong aversion to nearly all traditionally feminine scents, and I usually resort to either men's scents or very clean, woodsy unisex scents (my old standby being Hermés Eau d'Orange Vert). So I am attracted to the elements of this scent. Hay, oakmoss, and spices...these are things I can get behind. Because, quite frankly, things like rosewater, vanilla and (heaven forbid) gardenia make me gag.

Now, here's the catch: WienerBlut's first scent, Klubwasser, is at present only available at Collette in Paris, Breathe in Berlin, and Campomarzio70 in Rome.

So, uhm....anyone tried it yet? I'm dying to know what you think!


Gigi Thibodeau said...

Let's zip over to Rome and buy ourselves a bottle or two! Sounds like a perfect excuse for a getaway, no?

I'm with you when it comes to sweetly feminine scents, especially roses and gardenias. It's funny, because I love the scent of real garden roses when I'm in an actual garden, but as soon as they are turned into perfume--yech. I much prefer a little spice and some citrus or woodsy scents. In fact, I often steal a bit of my husband's scents.

I love that bottle in the photo!!!

Yoli said...

Gardenia is my favorite of all flowers but as a perfume I don't think it translates. I do love having cuttings around the house when they are in bloom. I am also fond of Casablanca Lillies. Again, not something I think can translate very well but that I absolutely love in a cutting.

My favorite scent is Violeta from Penhaligon's, which is airy and very light. Probably would make you gag if you notice

That pink bottle is gorgeous.

Unknown said...

love Orange Vert as well...but I stopped wearing perfume after I had a baby - they seemed off to me it seemed weird to have scents so close to their new noses...I do however, love Frederic Malle parfums and just wore Bigarade around after a trip to Barneys and was in love...very unisex!

Maia said...

Gigi, I'm with you! Let's do it!

Yoli, I am also a great lover of the scent of the fresh flowers themselves. Sad that they so rarely translate into perfumes. I have not yet found your violet scent, but I have a feeling I might like it. Sugared violets were my favorite treat when I was small.

Pretty Mommy, I'm going to check out your recommendations...sounds like they might fit my olfactory tastes.

Guusje said...

I checked out the website, it looks amazing!

Cara said...

Hi Maia,
Thanks again for the post! My brother is going to send you a sample :) Hope you like it! You never know with perfume, it's so subjective...
Let me know when it gets there!

Maia said...

ooh, thanks Cara! I can't wait to giv it a try! I'll keep you posted!