Though we got a bit of a late start, we did manage to spend most of Q's spring break in the mountains.
 It was an unusual March in New York, and it is an unusual spring in the Vail Valley as well, with daytime temps near 60.
 The mountain is still open, but it's funny to see skis in the racks as we peel off our jackets to lounge in the warm spring sun.
 The snow is hanging on, but only just!
 And this was first thing in the morning!
 Q loves her time in Arrowhead so much that she is reluctant to sleep, and wakes every day before dawn.

Morning light mid-valley.
She found a ball to bring for the dogs.


Yoli said...

The light is magical. Glad you were able to spend time in Vail. I love Q's outfit, completely. Where are the pants from?

Maia said...

The pants are H&M...only brand I've found where the pants run narrow enough to fit her toothpick figure!

Anonymous said...

Looks like such great time! Man, she's adorable. I think I want to steal her haircut, actually!

blandine said...


I love Q's pant but her coat and her boots too!!!!!
Please, where did you find them?


Blandine ;)

Maia said...

Sorry for the late response, Blandine, I just found your comment now. The boots and the jacket are both from Zara kids, available online! We rely heavily on Zara for basics, they have such nice pieces! Hope that helps!