Recently, Q received a package in the mail from the new shop of one of our favorite children's book illustrators, Julia Denos.
 If you don't know Julia's work, you should probably look it up. She's amazing. Q and I are both big fans!!
We have this book on our bookshelf, and have read many more.
 So obviously Q was absolutely thrilled to open the package and find a print of one of Julia's personal illustrations (which happens to perfectly suit Q's personality) along with a number of tiny cards featuring illustrated dresses from this book.
 Q instantly adored her new illustration, bound for her "art wall"...
 and perhaps the tiny dresses even more. 
The dresses inspired her to do a set of drawings of her own (is there anything more precious than that which inspires personal creation?)

Julia's picture joining Q's art collection. This illustration makes me imagine Q in her tweens.


Ling said...

that is TOTALLY the future Q :)

Yoli said...

How lovely and thoughtful. Very talened.

How grown up the Q looks in these pictures.